Help (Frequently asked questions - FAQ)
Using the Site
Each registered user can only build one Tree. This does not impede, however, that one same person registers with different e-mails and thus builds various trees.
Yes. At some stage, an e-mail will be sent, containing a link to validate the registration. In case the validation is not effected, the account will be deleted.
No. You can merely participate as a helper in the building of other Trees, or even only participating in discussion forums or contacting other people. But you can start your own tree at any time.
Yes. Their is no limit on the number of Trees you can help with. In order to help build a Tree, you must be invited by a person responsible for a Tree.
Yes. You can build a genealogical Tree of which you are not part of.
Yes. There is no limit to the number of people you want to invite to help.
Only the person responsible for the Tree can invite another person to help build the Tree. This invitation is made through a specific page, and requires the e-mail of the person being invited.
By default, anyone can see your Tree. There is, however, an option to make your Tree confidential. In this case a password will be requested so that the Tree can be seen by third parties. The person responsible for the Tree and his helpers, can see and edit the Tree without using this password.
Only the person responsible for the Tree and helpers, if he has any, can edit the Tree.
By default, anyone can research on your Tree. However if the Tree is confidential, only the person responsible and his helpers can gain access to the Tree.
The only way to save the information of your Tree on your computer, is based on generating a GEDCOM file. This file can be used on your computer, and will be understood by the main genealogy software for PC on the market. The presentation of the Tree, however, will follow the pattern of the software, and in no way will resemble the presentation format used in the site.

Building a tree
Even if you do not have the information of father or mother, the field "Known by" must be filled in, even with an interrogation mark.
It is not possible to insert a person in this situation. The only way this can be resolved is by including a fictional child born from this relationship.
Observe with attention the forms for addition of fathers and sons in the "Already member" or "An existing Tree member" link. This option allows for these special situations to be contemplated. The use of this option is detailed in the respective insertion form.
It means that it is a repeated member, in other words, that already appears in the Tree that is being shown. This occurs in special situations such as marriages between relatives, or for example, the marriage of two brothers with two sisters where the ascendants will be repeated.
Only the people shown as "living" appear on this list.
  • The photo of the person responsible for the Tree. It appears in the top right hand corner of the screen when a Tree is shown. This person responsible, can be part of the Tree or not, depending on whether he built a Tree of his family or not.
  • The face photo of a member of the Tree, known as Photo ID.
  • General album photos from the Tree.. These are generic photos that can be seen in the photo page under the heading of generic photos, or partially in the photos area.
  • Album photos of members. These photos are directly associated to a member of the Tree. They can be seen using the icon of the members photos or in the page of photos in the specific area of a specified member.
  • Yes. This is the only way to show videos on TreeX.com. It is important to remember, that videos put on YouTube, become public and can be seen by anyone connected to the Internet.

    IMPORTANT : The fact that a Tree is configured in TreeX.com as confidential DOES NOT stop the video from being seen directly on YouTube.

    GEDCOM features
    It is a file that conforms to pre-set standards, in order to show a picture of the information and relationships in a genealogical tree. Generating a GEDCOM file for later import into another system, allows that the information be transferred between computers and used in different surroundings.
    Yes. This is the main object of the GEDCOM file. Probably your program should be apt to generate a file in this format, that can be used on TreeX.
    When you start building your Tree, you will be asked if you want to build it manually or based on using a GEDCOM file. If your answer is affirmative ( GEDCOM) , you will be asked to find the GEDCOM file in your computer, and the upload and data import process will start.
    The relation between relatives and members is used, as well as the large amount of information specific to each one of them. The private information of the owner of the file and the software that generated the information used, will not be shown, information which is usually available.
    No, it is not possible to download the file that was sent. This option is not even available to the person responsible for the Tree.
    No. The decision to use a GEDCOM file or build the Tree manually, must be made right at the beginning. Nothing stops you from deleting your Tree, and re-starting from a GEDCOM file.
    It's not possible up to now. This resource is still being built.

    Print features
    The Tree, in the configuration that appears on the screen at that moment, can be filed for printing later on. This file must be downloaded and then it can be printed. The instructions for this procedure are available on the "print" link on the toolbar of the Tree.
    No. You can only print the Tree, if you are responsible for it, or the Trees which you are working on.

    Technical Support
    Update the version of your Adobe Flash Player on you computer, by clicking on the image beside, and following the instructions indicated.
    Please, click at a question.
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    available on the tree tool bar.