What do we do ?
What is done by us here at Tree X is the on-line construction of an individualís genealogical family tree. We firmly believe here at TreeX that given the right visualization tools the interest for genealogical family trees will be brought out allowing data networking to occur throughout thousands of people around the world on any given family tree.
What do we not do ?
We are unable to come up with a genealogical tree by merely having your surname. The necessary family tree data must be inputted by you, the user. The family information must be obtained from family members or from internet search engines prior to its allocation on the family tree. Our goal is to make the visual aspect of this information more appealing to you and thus more interesting.
 It's free !
Features :
On-line easy Family Tree builder. No software installation required.
Family and professionals can work together in the same Family Tree. You can invite unlimited research helpers (relatives, friends or professional genealogists) to work with you. Helpers (co-researchers) can work on different trees at the same time (useful for professional genealogists).
Unlimited family members with own ID photo and complete member information.
Immediate automatic tree rebuild for any member through a single click.
Option to keep your Family Tree confidential.
Automatic tree builder from your GEDCOM file. Export capability will be available soon.
Insert your family tree into your own website by easily copying/pasting an HTML code.
Up to 1.000 album photos allowed, which can be general family photos or specific ones associated to a given member.
Full access to search in other Family Trees.
Individual message board allowing information exchange between users.
Full access to forum organized by surnames.